Thursday, September 28, 2006

Rythme Infernal...

Since the start of Ramadan, my workload increased all of a sudden as if it was timed.

I wake up around 5 to have my shour, and then I try to go to bed,for an hour or two, but hardly close my eyes. Around 8:30, I head for work with busy schedules, projects, builds, deployments, meetings, conflicts, politics galore, then head home around 6pm (non stop), just in time for shaqan il fatr, exhauted, then do my job as father up until 9pm, when baby goes to sleep, so I can spend some time cleaning up bills and checking up personal matters…then spend some time with wife, then simply fall asleep on the couch or get dragged to bed.

Ramadhan and I are friends so far, I guess when I’m busy I don’t feel it…

For my readers, ssorry if I don’t blog too much lately, my jar of topics will eventually get full and I’ll write up journals!!! providing time is freed.

Ah an update about my TN venture,:my CEO was receptive to the idea of doing business with TN, but apparently I need to do lots of education about the country, the people and the work habits (certainly not during ramadan :)

The job market in North-America is very hot these days….i can hardly find a qualified Software Senior Engineer to staff my team, and I have to go through blood sucking staffing agencies.

That's it,

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A message to the Prime Minister.

Prime minister, you are sending our troops to Kandahar to fight the Taliban. First, you do not have a strong popular mandate to do so and second, from a strategic standpoint, there will not be clear and viable outcome out of this deployment. The Taliban is not a fighting force, it’s an ideology, it’s a group based on strong extremist values that neither NATO, nor ISAF can change.

Remember the Mujahedeen? Well, these Taliban are Mujahedeen, who thus far, no super-power on earth was able to defeat. Do you think NATO will do? Granted, that your generals cornered and killed hundreds of them, sooner or later the coalition forces will have to leave, return home and let the afghan deal with the mess. Do you think puppet Karzai and his body guards will keep the calm?

The solution to Afghanistan is an economical one, not a military one. Fix roads, build schools, invest in hospitals and jobs, secure the supply lines, etc. Leave the Taliban alone, they’re already isolated and outnumbered; they’ll come out of hiding one by one and join a prosperous Afghanistan and embrace moderate Islam.

Recently, you bombed an entire village near Kandahar to flush out Taliban positions, do you think those villagers that have their homes and lives destroyed will welcome you with open arms or sympathize with your campaign and message?

I’m not going into the argument of calling you a Bush junior, I believe you are a highly experienced politician and you know what’s good for Canada. I voted for you because I believe you can make Canada better at home and abroad, so don't fail me please.

Afghanistan is a war ravaged nation - not of its making - but mostly through decades of proxy wars carried by the super powers. It is high time for these super powers to pour money and bring essentials to the population, a population that is so desperate, it’s blowing itself up on a daily basis.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

To my fellow Americans who died tragically
To my fellow Canadians who were caught in the attacks
To all the passengers who died a horrific death
To all the brave FDNY who ventured and lost their life saving others
To all the brave NYPD who answered every 911 call and got trapped under the rubbles
To everyone else who died, lost a relative or witnessed the horror of the attacks.

Rest in peace and never be forgotten.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

60 girls arrersted, hoax or news?

I heard recently that 60 females (married and umarried) have been caught performing acts of indecency....and arrested in an up-scale neighborhoud in Tunis. 12 among them were then tested positively for HIV. I'm not sure if this is truth or hoax, and i doubt it will make it to the newswire ever.

It seems that nowadays boys and girls sleeping together after the first date is "chose normale", all cultural and moral restraints are completely down.

Disgraceful & Disgusting...