Monday, January 22, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I had to fight hard to snatch few days from my work schedule to make a trip to Tunis. After a trip to Seattle, LA and London, my VP decided that I deserve a break and allowed me few days in Tunis as long as I check my emails and be online to attend meetings over VOIP…it was not that fair but a good deal by North American Standard.

So here I am enjoying a unseasonably warm weather. Actually, I can confirm that global warming is at 100% full throttle, with winter in Canada starting 2 months behind schedules, no rain, yet Spring weather in Tunis, Warm weather in London, UK and Extra rainy in Seattle and LA. Tom hanks would throw “Houston, we have a serious, lasting problem….” from his Apollo capsule.

Tunis is busy as hell, but at least I can get some business done with people working 2 shifts a day, compared to the few hours of summer time. However traffic is chaotic as usual (no surprise) and internet is crap at best. I’ve got a 256k line that sometimes acts as 300k line but most of the time throws the infamous ‘cannot display page’, I don’t know if the Folks at TT know that our infrastructure does not help convince foreign IT investors to setup shop here, our customer SLA is at best 50%.

In Tunis, one’s schedule gets filled up fairly quickly….there is no shortage of meetings, cafes, gossips and inquiries. A friend I met yesterday, told me that he can get Canadian Citizenship without even setting foot in Canada in 6 months time, he turned out to be misinformed, he mixed, VISA with Immigrant Status and Citizenship, but he insisted that he got such info from the Canadian Ambassador himself who apparently is a distant family relative…so go figure.

Worth mentioning, is the increase in number of girls’ only group. Few days ago, I visited some up-scale neighborhood and there were large groups of girls, sitting and having fun, with no single guy around. I don’t know if Guys are becoming a scarcity or these girls have discovered a way around guys….whatever is the reason, I found it weird. During my times, guys were much more numerous and were the hunters, not the hunted.

It didn’t took long for friends to flag my cell phone as outdated and obsolete, since many of them have the most sophisticated technology out there. I was also lambasted for not renting a luxury car, since by their standards, someone who works overseas, must get a 307 or above…Lessons Learned. Thankfully, only a minority of my friends think like this...

Nonetheless, it’s always fun to be around family, and friends…especially when I hear the crazy and outrageous gossip…aka ‘Le Shoot’. I missed the Derby…I was so close to getting tickets at the black market, but these were way overpriced.


Blogger Hannibal said...

Napo: It is always a joy reading you and this post from home is like the Proustian "dipping a madleine in coffee"! a real pleasure:) Enjoy yourself dude!

10:37 AM  
Blogger samsoum said...

Napo, Enjoy your break. Have fun.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous aymen said...

enti EST ?

5:33 AM  
Blogger Napo said...

Hannibal: hehehe. good to hear that. hope ur enjoying ur time

Samsoum: Thanks chief !

aymen: Yep, EST Feddam, wild errbat rani, cote bab souika mouch beb ejjdid (ask Samsoum)

7:41 AM  
Blogger samsoum said...

Oui si Aymen :-) Mkash5ine Mil 7alfaouine. Wled Café Hadj Ali et non Cafe Chmantattou mata3 Erbat la5or :-)) Eddam a7mer we asfar ;-)
Ce n'est que du foot bien sur.

1:45 AM  
Anonymous aymen said...

napo,samsoum: cool :) éna déja fel madhmoune mahtout: weld bab souika ,donc signé depuis ma naissance mkachchekh !!
tarajja ya dawla :) !!!!

8:48 AM  
Anonymous aymen said...

zayed ,lemkachchekh ma3rouf :) je peux pas t'imaginer ni toi ni napo clubiste :p
Ce n'est pas un regionalisme côté foot :) mais hekka c'est tous un état d'esprit d'être mkachchekh entouma ta3rfou khir: "elli faytek benhar takchikh faytek b3achra snine chikhat wetfarhid fi mokkhou :D"

9:04 AM  
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