Saturday, October 13, 2007

Anyone in Seattle?

It has been so long since i posted a word to this blog. i've been very busy lately wrapping up my 15yrs journey in Canada to move to Seattle, Washington,'s been fun so far !

The new job at one of the NASDAQ movers is quite challenging, lots to learn. Life in downtown Seattle, especially in corp temp housing is really cool !!!

Pike and Pine streets being at a walking distance, with daily offering of fresh Pacific NorthWest fish and baguette does make a significant difference in once's lifestyle.

Anyhow, I will provide more details later. Yet, for those folks living in Seattle or those who have been around here, i need to know if Seattle is home to any Tunisians? Coz i can't even notice Arabs around, excepts Somalis. Mind you, i'm still new in town :-)

Also, i need to find a Halal Market/Middle Eastern place ASAP. So suggestions are very welcome.

Cheers all, good to be back among you.