Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Negative blogopshere...

It's been quite some time since i didn't throw a post around, never mind i was busy and i'll talk about that later.

Nonetheless, i've been scouring the blogs during the past few months and i could not notice a brink of hope or positive thinking towards the homeland, aside from few posts here and there, notably the 'Development Series" by our fellow resident of ox.ac.uk.

Most of the people are complaining about every little aspect of life in Tunisia, ranging from free speech & bad sccops to the latest behavioural pattern or the degrading standard of living, as if we're alone in this world that has a shitload of problems, sort of going downhill fast to our own innahalation. Ouuch !

One can certainly notice the presence of professional bashers who spend hours looking for the latest youtube or scandal on the net about the country, the post it before eating lunch, and expect the crowd to applause and cheer...WOW what a scoop !!!

There are others who sit procrastinating about a deep thought that hardly a gifted phiolosher can understand, these claim to be the elite think tank that have the potential to move mountains of ideas..and free the people from the darkness of ignorance !!! How retarded and disconnected these people can sometimes be.

For the sake of the almighty, why we are we so hooked on portraying every negative aspect of the homeland - notwithstanding legitimate obversations - while we ignore our basic duty of working hard (at least making up the hours) , contributing a dollar, making an investment, helping a fellow TN achieve his objectives, promote an institution or just basic caregiving?

Let be no doubt, that certain right such as the right to free speech - and among many other - are certainly guaranteed and even solicited, but these are second to the sacred duty of contribution, ... sounds unfamiliar i guess ?!?!


Blogger momo said...

Blogs are for everyone, and the majority is not 'professional' writers. This is a very positive side of blogs, and this is why it's so revolutionary. If you start questioning yourself whether my posts are worth posting etc., you cannot post anything. As a reader, you shouldn't expect blogs to have high quality (to your own standard), but you should just ignore those which aren't your interest. Isn't that so?

11:27 PM  
Blogger samsoum said...

Welcome back buddy. Glad to read you again.

PS: I think you should start moderating your comments, that's another sad reality of the current blogosphere :(

12:07 AM  
Anonymous elgreco said...

rien n'est jamais Noir ou Blanc...

12:44 AM  
Blogger SNAWSI said...

I join Samsoum to ask you to moderate the comments, Napo.
As for your post, well, maybe yu should opt for " selective readings" on TN blogs to avoid disappointment;)

1:35 AM  
Blogger Napo said...

@momo, thanks for your note. i was commenting about a trend, not a series of particular posts. don't you believe the readers that benefit more from a balanced blogsphere?

5:47 AM  
Blogger Aymen said...

People are more and more selfish,so it's not as often to see people work hard just to help tunisia,for me this point really seems the main problem in tunisia now...

Thinking with a positive way helps to advance,and negative helps to show lacks and problems,it's an evidence,I'm totally ok with the main idea of your post,but not all people think so,every one has it's own environment which influence its behaviour.

6:16 PM  
Blogger Bugsbunny said...

Romdhanek Mabrouk Napo.
on ne te lit plus??

9:43 AM  
Blogger Bugsbunny said...

Je viens de lire ton post Napo.

La blogosphère tunisienne est représentative de toute la société tunisienne. Si elle est négative c’est qu’elle exprime un certain malaise. Si tu vois des bashers à l’œuvre (je n’ai pas trouvé de traduction à ce mot mais je crois avoir saisi le sens) c’est qu’ils sont entrain de braquer les projecteurs sur des défaillances que les médias n’évoquent même pas. Des défaillances que l’on ne peut connaître que d’une manière subjective à travers les blogs par exemple. C’est la conséquence et le tort de l’absence de médias crédibles.

“certain right such as the right to free speech are certainly guaranteed, but these are second to the sacred duty of contribution.”

Devoir sacré OUI mais aussi droit sacré. Le droit de regard sur l’usage qui est fait de la contribution. La justice, l’équité dans la contribution, l’équité dans la distribution, la dignité, ...

Je pense que Le droit à la liberté de la parole est nécessaire pour que l’on continue à contribuer. Lorsqu’on contribue, on doit avoir le droit de savoir quel usage est fait de notre contribution, et de contester les abus. Le problème c’est que TECHNIQUEMENT nous sommes un pays où règne la démocratique et la liberté d’expression. Lorsque nous observons des abus nous ne sommes plus motivés pour contribuer et donc de travailler.

Il n’y a qu’une seule issue pour notre pays le dur labeur. Dans le contexte mondial actuel il faut accepter de travailler plus pour améliorer son niveau de vie mais il faut avoir la confiance qu’au bout du compte il y aura récompense. Et pour que le Tunisien accepte de jouer le jeux il ne faut plus qu’il se sente dupé.

5:43 PM  
Blogger Hassenologue said...

Hello Napo. Hello everyone,this Blog is excellent.Thank you guys for sharing.

1:25 AM  

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